Alexander Graham Bell - 

Nick Name : Aleck

Born : March 3, 1847, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Died :  August 2, 1922 (aged 75) Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia, Canada

Reason of Death :  Complications from diabetes  

Residence : U.K., U.S., Canada

Citizenship : United Kingdom, USA, Canada

Schools : University of Edinburgh, University College London, Royal High School Edinburgh

Occupation :  Inventor, Scientist, Engineer, Professor (Boston University), Teacher of the deaf

Known for : Inventing the Telephone

Wife : Mabel Hubbard (married 1877–1922)

Children : (4) Two sons who died in infancy and two daughters Marian Hubbard Bell (Daisy) and Elsie May Bell. 

Parents : Eliza Grace Symonds and Alexander Melville Bell.

Partner : Thomas A. Watson 

 Mabel Gardiner Hubbard -

Born : November 25, 1857  

Death : January 3, 1923

Husband : Alexander Graham Bell 

Parents : Gardiner Greene Hubbard

Siblings : (6) Robert Hubbard (1847-1849); Gertrude Hubbard (1849-1886); Mabel Gardiner Hubbard (1859–1923); Roberta Hubbard (1859-1885); Grace Hubbard (1865-1948); and Marian Hubbard (1867-1869).

Student of : Alexander Graham Bell

Information : She was the daughter of Boston lawyer Gardiner Greene Hubbard, who was the first president of the Bell Telephone Company. She suffered a near-fatal bout of scarlet fever close to her fifth birthday in 1862 while visiting her maternal grandparents in New York City, and was thereafter left permanently and completely deaf.

These two girls are Alexander Graham Bell's daughter. Two sons died from infancy. 


 Helen Adams Keller  -

Occupation : Educator, Activist, Journalist

Born: June 27, 1880

Date of Death: June 01, 1968

Education : Horace Mann School for the Deaf, Wright-Humason School for the Deaf, Cambridge School for Young Ladies, Radcliff College

Information : Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. In 1882, she fell ill and was struck blind, deaf and mute. Beginning in 1887, Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan, helped her make tremendous progress with her ability to communicate, and Keller went on to college, graduating in 1904. In 1920, Keller helped found the ACLU. During her lifetime, she received many honors in recognition of her accomplishments.

 Thomas A. Watson - 

More like a work partner than a friend

BornJanuary 18, 1854,  Salem, Massachusetts, United States

Death : December 13, 1934

WifeElizabeth Watson

Occupation : Assistant of Alexander Graham Bell, notably in the invention of the telephone. Hired by Alexander Graham Bell to be a professor at Boston University 

Famous for His name was one of the first words spoken over the telephone ."Mr. Watson - Come here - I need  you." 

Information Watson resigned from the Bell Telephone Company in 1881 at the age of 27. Using money from his royalties from his participation in the invention of the telephone, Watson first tried his hand at farming and then set up his own machine shop. In 1883 Watson founded the Fore River Ship and Engine Building Company. He soon began taking bids for building naval destroyers and by 1901 the Fore River Ship and Engine Company was one of the largest shipyards in America. On January 25, 1915, Watson was at 333 Grant Avenue in San Francisco to receive the first transcontinental telephone call, placed by Bell from the Telephone Building at 15 Dey Street in New York City. President Woodrow Wilson and the mayors of both cities were also involved in the call.


 Elisha Gray -

Born August 2, 1835, Barnesville, Ohio, U.S.

Death : January 21, 1901 (aged 65), Newtonville, Massachusetts, U.S.


AwardsElliott Cresson Medal (1897)

InformationElisha Gray was a prominent inventor in Highland Park, Illinois. His Western Electric company was a major supplier to the telegraph company Western Union. In 1874, Bell was in competition with Elisha Gray to be the first to invent a practical harmonic telegraph. But in the end Bell won.

                                                                                                                        BY: ARLENE SO 


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